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H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji | | Love
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Apr 30 2017

Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations

Shri Hanuman Jayanti celebrations at Parmarth Niketan Ashram.   This auspicious day of Hanuman jayanti was celebrated with devotion and love at the banks of Mother Ganga, reciting Sunderkand path and Hanuman Chalisa....

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Mar 25 2015

Love Purifies the Heart

Pujya Swamiji shares beautifully, simply and profoundly that devotion or unconditional love is the best way to purify the heart and thereby experience the true nature of our souls as well as to be one with the Divine....

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Jul 22 2013

Guru Purnima Blessings

Dear Divine Souls, I hope that – by God’s grace – this finds you and all your loved ones in the best of health and happiness at this sacred time. Today marks the holy day dedicated to the Guru. The full moon of the Guru.  However, the Guru’s light is always full. The light of the Guru never dissipates or wanes. There is no such thing as the “half-moon” of the Guru or quarter-moon or sliver-of-a-moon of the Guru. The light and grace of the Guru is purna, always full, always constant.   That’s what...

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Nov 20 2011

Seva & Sadhana – The Paths to the Divine

According to traditional Indian philosophy there are three main paths to the Divine or “yogas”, described in compelling detail by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita – the path of knowledge, or “gyan yoga”, the path of righteous action or “karma yoga” and the path of devotion or “bhakti yoga.” For the purpose of this article I want to discuss the latter two – karma and bhakti yoga.  Are we better off sitting still and meditating upon the Divine, chanting His name and endeavoring to experience our inherent Oneness with Him,...

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Feb 14 2010

Valentine’s Day – The Meaning of True Love

True love cannot be bought, bribed, begged, manipulated or forced.It can only blossom from deep within the heart. This is the time of year when, all over the Western world, people celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s not a tradition celebrated in India, but nonetheless it is a wonderful opportunity to discuss love, as the entire holiday is dedicated to this beautiful, divine emotion. Love is simultaneously the purest and one of the most complex emotions we find. True love, at is purest, is just that – pure, true and love. It is unpolluted,...

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The Power of Love

I heard a beautiful story of a college professor in New York who gave his business-economy students the assignment of going into the slums and finding 10 students each to interview. Then, the university students had to prepare reports on each of the 10 children they had interviewed. The final item of the assignment was for the students to rate each child’s chance of success in the world. So, the students all completed their assignments. With 20 students in the class, the professor ended up with 200 papers on 200 different...

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Holi & Valentine’s Day – External Actions Versus Internal Transformation

Divine Souls, This month, I want to talk about the difference between what we do on the outside and how we really are on the inside.  I want to talk about external actions versus internal transformation. In the Western world, February is the month of love, the month of Valentine’s Day. Across the world, people spent billions of dollars on cards, chocolates, flowers, balloons and other external expressions of their love. Although Valentine’s Day is not a traditional Indian holiday, it has become almost universal these days. So, since it has become such...

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