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May 10 2011

True Giving

Many people think a spiritual life means that one retreatsto the mountains, performs meditation and then lives peacefully forever in one’s own enlightened cocoon. However, that is not true, deep spirituality. That is not the essence of enlightenment. The essence of spirituality is service of others. Yes, solitude, silence and intense sadhana are crucial in order to establish the connection with God, in order to make the leap from a material life to a spiritual life. This lays the ground work. It is like wiring a house for electricity. In...

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To Give is Divine

A small, impoverished boy was standing barefoot on the New York City streets, looking wistfully in the window of a shoe store. A well dressed woman, walking down the street, saw him and asked him, “My child, why are you looking so sadly in this window?” The small boy looked up at her and replied, “I am asking God to please give me a pair of shoes.” The woman took the boy’s small hand and led him into the shoe store, where she immediately asked the clerk for a bucket of warm...

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Service of Others is the Best Medicine

There is a beautiful story of a princess who was suffering from an undiagnosable illness. She lay in bed, listless, unable to walk or to exert herself at all. She had lost all appetite and her parents feared she would soon perish. Her father, the King, called in all the top doctors and medical specialists, but none could either diagnose or cure the young princess. They gave her allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic medicines. They gave her pills, compresses, powders, massages and mineral baths. Nothing made even a dent in the princess’s...

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