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How to be Fearless? Have Faith in God

On April 5 we celebrated the divine occasion of Hanuman Jayanti. One of the greatest lessons from the life of divine Hanumanji is fearlessness in the name of God. Hanumanji flew across the ocean, journeyed alone to Lanka in search of Sitaji, fought a raging battle against the demons of Lanka, carried a Himalayan mountain back for Lakshman and performed so many other feats of fortitude and courage.However, whenever he was praised for his feats and whenever he was questioned on the source of his strength, his answer was always the same:...

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Focusing on God

Once a woman was standing outside in the street searching and searching for something under the bright street lamp. A wise man walked by and asked her, “Mother, what are you searching for?” She replied, “I have lost my needle and I am looking for it.” The man helped her search for quite sometime, all to no avail.  Finally, he asked, “Mother, where exactly did you lose your needle?” She replied, “I was sewing inside on the chair and the needle was lost there.” The wise man queried, “But Mother, if...

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Just Do Your Duty

There was once a horrible drought. For year after year not a drop of rain fell on the arid ground. Crops died, and – as the land became parched – farmers gave up even planting their seeds.  As the time of planting and tilling the ground came for the fourth rainless year in a row, the farmers of the region had given up hope and they sat listless, passing their time with playing cards and other distractions. However, one lone farmer continued patiently to plant his seeds and sow and till...

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New Year Blessings

Dear Divine Souls, The new year, new century and new millennium are now upon us. So many people made vows, cherished ideals in their hearts of what the new Millennium would bring. I have been hearing – a lot more so recently than usual – a despair from many people, due to their perceived lack of ability to effect real change, due to their perceived helplessness and futility in this vast universe. Yet, I say “perceived lack of ability” and “perceived helplessness and futility,” because that is exactly what the problem is: an...

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