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H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji | | Sai Aur Safai: Green Vision for 100th Nirvaan Divas of Sai Baba
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Sai Aur Safai: Green Vision for 100th Nirvaan Divas of Sai Baba

Sep 04 2015

Sai Aur Safai: Green Vision for 100th Nirvaan Divas of Sai Baba

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Pujya Swamiji was warmly welcomed and invited by Sai Devotees to hold a special darshan at the world-famous temple and pilgrimage site in Shirdi. After touring the premises and hearing about the great love and devotion the followers had for Sai Baba, Pujya Swamiji spoke to the temple authorities to turn the temple into a green one.

He expressed the great need to provide adequate sanitation facilities to thousands of pilgrims that come to the temple every day, especially tfor the women and girls. He also encouraged a plan for dustbins to dispose of as well as segregating the trash. He shared that bio-degradable waste can be composted, and suggested that the tons of flower offerings could be used to make organic, holy fertilizer, incense, and many other products that could help generate livelihoods for the local women and unemployed individuals.

He also met with with and inspired members of the media at a Press Conference at Shirdi and shared the Green Plans. He said that for the upcoming 100th Nirvana Divas of Sai Baba, in July 2018, the celebration should include green ideas. He pledged to support temple authorities in building a bio-toilet on the premises. He also shared about the recent Swachh Day events that just took place at the Nashik Kumbha Mela as an example and a call to bring ‘Sai aur Safai’ together. Pujya Swamiji said that one cannot simultaneously worship Sai Baba while keeping the sacred land he walked on dirty and littered. He inspired the Media to take this initiative of a Swachh Shirdi as their Media Social Responsibility and be a catalyst for the much needed change in the local community, in doing so they would truly be living the teachings of Sai Baba.

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