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H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji | | Leading A Meaningful Life
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Leading A Meaningful Life

Jun 16 2016

Leading A Meaningful Life

Pujya Swamiji tells us the key to leading a meaningful life by living what we know and by starting now with whatever we have. He says sometimes we read so much and accumulate so much knowledge about how to live and how not to live but never actually get around to applying it. He shares that we should be guided by our own intuition, our internal GPS, through awareness and meditation our inner voice will get clearer.

He says if we start with ourselves first, then family will follow. He emphasizes on the importance of having quality family time in which we discuss wisdom and listen from each other on good thoughts on verses of the scriptures or any spiritual text. He emphasizes that we should make this time interactive, listening from our children also and we will realise our children are actually much wiser than we may think.

He also shares that just by taking the three multi-vitamins of meditation, no reaction and introspection every day we can begin to be better and not bitter in our own lives. He shares the three S’s are key to leading a meaningful life: Smaran (remembrance of the Divine), Seva (selfless service) and Samarpan (surrender). He concludes by encouraging us to chant the beautiful mantra of:

‘Kayena vacha manasendriyenva

Buddhayatmnava prakreetiswabhavat.

Karomi yadhyat sakalam parasmai

Narayanayeti samarpayami’

before we sleep every night with the bhavya (intention) that ‘O Lord, whatever I have done, whatever actions I have performed through my speech, through my mind (anything I’ve thought), through my intellect (anything I’ve planned, achieved or understood), through my hands or body or through any of my senses- therefore anything at all that I have performed, perceived or thought- it is all due to Your divine grace and I lay it all humbly at Your holy feet.”

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